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Fragments of Him coming to Xbox One

Last week we released a new trailer and announced that Fragments of Him is coming to PC and Xbox One:

The trailer has since been viewed 14,999 times (at time of writing) in the last seven days, and the announcement has been covered by websites from all over the world, including major sites such as Polygon and Kill Screen:



For the full text of the press release, please click here.

Also last week, we showed the trailer and demo of the game’s prologue at the Develop: Brighton conference. Players had their first opportunity to try the experience we will be delivering in 2016.

The most common reactions were, ‘I’ve never played anything like this before’ and ‘we need more games like this’. Those two phrases were said to us dozens of times in the two days we were showing the prologue to the full experience.

We were delighted by the hugely positive responses from the visitors. Many thanks to everyone who spoke to us!

SassyBot Studio and I are very excited about the experience that we will be bringing to PC and Xbox One early next year, and look forward to sharing more about our game in the months leading up to release.

For full updates, follow SassyBot Studio on Twitter or visit the official Fragments of Him website.