Fragments of Him: GaymerX, Casual Connect, & GamesCom follow up

Fragments of Him was on show at GaymerX, Casual Connect, & GamesCom this year, and it had very positive responses from everyone who played it. This is a small collection of what people have been writing about our game:

‘One friend [at GaymerX] tells me he felt comfortable enough to openly cry a little while playing Fragments of Him, a brief narrative game about a man coping with the sudden death of his husband. Feelings overwhelmed him, but he didn’t need to hide.

“I honestly don’t think I could’ve done that at any other convention,” he says. “But here it just felt… OK. Like I wouldn’t be judged.”

 From Kotaku.


From The Huffington Post.

‘It definitely plays on heartstrings in unique ways, that’s for sure. It also ends up deceptively personal for that reason, a musty closet full of “Oh jeez, I’ve been there” moments.’

From Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Myself and SassyBot Studio are working hard to make this emotional journey live up to the promise of what we have already shown. Lessons from what I’ve been learning along this path will be going back into the curriculum when I teach and develop projects for NHTV University, where I am a lecturer/researcher in games & narrative design.

The faith and support of our players and journalists in Fragments of Him is much appreciated. Thank you everyone who played!

If you missed the trailer before, you can see it again below:

Fragments of Him Teaser Trailer.