More Fragments of Him reviews…

We’ve been getting more fantastic reviews for Fragments of Him!

A lot of this has spoilers, so if you haven’t played the game then please take the time to play through it on Kongregate over here. It takes 10-20 minutes.

The latest reviews:

The story will keep on getting clearer as you proceed so, take your time, maybe grab a napkin and get ready to shed some tears.

This next one is possibly my favourite so far:

This is one of the rare games where very few of the players are far off from tears — or, at the very least, most players seem to easily understand that inclination. That’s no small accomplishment for any artist, nevermind four European developers tinkering with a new style.

That reviewer also posted a really nice playthrough video in which he nails many of the ideas that I was trying to communicate in the game. It’s very fulfilling to see someone understand so many of the ideas that we were trying to convey. It contains the whole game, so if you haven’t played yet you really should check it out before watching:


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