Fragments of Him – a narrative game experience

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with Tino and Elwin from SassyBot Studio to create Fragments of Him.

It’s best if you just go and play it yourself rather than me explaining it. I hope you like it!

I’ll be publishing a full post-mortem about the narrative design at some point in the next week.


10 thoughts on “Fragments of Him – a narrative game experience”

  1. Hi! I love Troubled Down Under and your fab art projects (yes, it always helps to start a comment with praise 😉 ).
    Okay, so I started Fragments of Him, but couldn’t figure out how to play. I got past you narrating about ducks and then clicked everywhere but nothing happened. :'(

    1. Move around with the keys W A S and D, look at objects. When they have a yellow outline click on them to remove them from the scene. Let me know if you have any other problems!

      1. Thanks! I’ll definitely try that.
        I’ve a test tomorrow, so ought to be studying for that, but I’ll be back 🙂

      2. Aaaannnnddd I just played it.
        Sadly it’d left my mind a while back to finish it and now on the eve of finals I got it done.
        I must say I was left touched. This is the second game to have me like this (and I’m the heartless one at home).
        Good job! I hope there are more games en route ^-^

        1. Good timing! We have secured financing to make a longer version of the game, and so we will be taking down this version soon to avoid confusion.

          I’m glad you liked it – follow me on Twitter or through this website to hear about the new version!

          1. Oh wow! Am I glad I got down here and played it 🙂
            Congratulations on the financing! I’ve been reading up and know how tough it is for indie (if you even call yourself that. Do you?) gamers.

            Not on twitter, but I’ll shadow you here for sure!

          2. I was indie before that was the name for it, then I wasn’t when it became the name for it, and now I guess I really am officially indie… Except I am officially a university lecturer, who is making an indie game with true indies! It’s just a matter of names, and in the end not really relevant; the important thing is that we share the belief that games can change the world by revealing lives that we don’t see. (We also like simple fun too!)

  2. Hahahah that comment was so hipster!
    In the end, good games are what matter. Simple fun is the best, eh?
    Are you still based in the Netherlands?

    1. Yep, I’m still in the Netherlands. Work is good, the culture is good, and the people are nice. I don’t plan on moving anywhere else anytime soon!

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